Real-Time Tracking

Look at your entire fleet at a glance in a map.
View your vehicles individually or by groups on the map 24/7 with auto-refreshing options of as fast as 30 seconds.
  • Both Google and Microsoft maps are available for higher reliability.
  • Create landmarks (points of interest) directly on the map.
  • View virtual earth maps.
  • Build routes for your fleet of vehicles directly from the map.
  • Add temporal layers to the map.
  • Freeze the map zoom.
  • ¬†Freeze the map area.
  • View clustered units.
  • Send tracking numbers.
With this tool you will:
  • Improve drivers and vehicles visibility.
  • Maximize productivity by using shortcuts to get tasks done faster.
  • Improve security and jobs productivity by seeing your vehicles detailed locations.
  • ¬†Save money on fuel costs by monitoring unauthorized vehicle locations.
  • Save money by knowing when vehicles are idling.